A step too far

We think we can see the funny side (just) on hearing that one America University student newspaper over-stepped the line recently by issuing the latest in a line of cartoons portraying a sexual position of the month. The position, named 'The Prestige', wasn't offensive in it's depiction of two couples attempting intercourse in a particular style, more that the implications of the cartoon were that the sex wasn't particularly consensual. Which isn't really on. At all.

'The Exponent' newspaper, produced by students at Purdue University, were attempting to have a bit of a laugh at basing it's latest offering on the film 'The Prestige', which sees Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as fame and love rivals. The paper's picture showed a man having sex with a woman, whilst changing places with another man whilst his partner is none the wiser until he appears outside a window waving, Jezebel reports.

'I deeply regret that I didn't see what was depicted, and I apologize to the campus, to any survivors of sexual assault and, well, to any decent person who saw the graphic Friday and was offended,' explains editor Zoe Hayes. 'You're right. We are absolutely in the wrong on this one and we're doing our best to correct it.

Replace the cartoon with the weekly exploits of Garfield and friends and you'll probably avoid a certain amount of controversy.

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