A special kind of service

Writer Reuben Tucker is telling us exactly how to get a gooood massage. If you know, what we mean.

A far cry from the local health centre, Tucker talks about the world of the specialist massage parlours which offer more than a backrub. So how do you find one? Don’t go to ones that advertise sport and fitness. Asking the masseuse to massage that little bit lower could wind you up in jail, where the only person you’ll be being massaged by is your charming cellmate Bubba.

Tips to spot the more friendly massage places are ones with Asian names and that specialise in tantric massage. Reuben also talks of the etiquette of such establishments. Always say ‘thank you’, which if you’re well brought up, is a given. So, if your joints (and other things) are aching for a rub and you say ‘Wahoo!’ to taboo (erm and the law) - then this article is a must.

(Image: from philosophygeek’s flickr stream)

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