A single Christmas?

Don’t want to be alone this Christmas? Want someone to help keep you warm? Well, The Sun has some handy tips to bag yourself a Christmas cracker and they really have pulled out all the stops this year. The Red Top opines: why not make good use of the mistletoe tradition by whipping it out at a good moment? (Totally original). Or how about grabbing two glasses of champagne at a party and offering one to someone who takes your fancy as an ice-breaker? (Insightful stuff).

They also suggest going to as many parties as possible. (Sound) But make sure you don’t go too far – looking like a tired, hung-over mess, isn’t the look the opposite sex goes for… Right.
Then again, don’t worry. With everyone rolling around drunk and donning their beer goggles, pulling this Christmas shouldn’t be that hard. Just don’t expect to meet the man or woman of your dreams…

(Image: from nalilo’s flickr stream)

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