A right royal wedding night

Prince William is in for a treat. Sure, the toothy-mouthed, slightly horse-faced 2nd-in-line to the throne will have one of the biggest bashes this country has ever seen in April next year when he marries Kate Middleton - complete with the poshest food and drink money can buy - but on his wedding night, we're convinced he'll go from 0 to 60 in under ten seconds if Kate decides to wear lingerie designed by Ultimo boss Michelle Mone.<\p>

Mone, who recently received an MBE from Princess Anne, has been jumping on the Windsor bandwagon by offering her designs in helping to make the big day special, the Metro Online reveals. Having already designed some racy underwear, she aims to send Kate a few samples in the post to see if the Duchess-to-be would be interested in commissioning her services for the day.

'The underwear boss explained that while her firm is launching a range of bridal dresses next year, she wouldn’t have time to design Kate’s dress. However, Mone said that she would like to provide the lingerie for Kate’s April 29 wedding, adding: ‘I have designed Kate's bridal lingerie for her, and I'm going to send the designs to her.'

This might be the most obvious way of trying to blag a ticket to the big day that we've seen so far, though.

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