A return to rehab for raunchy Tara Reid?

You would be forgiven for not remembering who the heck Tara Reid is, so we'll jog your memory a little. Having previously starred in the original American Pie film, Tara has been in precious few films since but has definitely built up a reputation for herself as a party animal. Having just come out of rehab, she has just been spotted in various bars throwing herself at just about everyone.

Having probably drunk more than a few caipirinhas, Tara was celebrating by dancing suggestively with quite a number of men at US socialite Denise Rich's party in Saint Tropez, the Sun Online reports.

When not throwing her matted golden locks around the dance-floor, the B-list actress took to snogging a barwoman, who didn't seem to mind her advances one bit. When the night actually finished, and with whom, is anyone's guess.

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