A pint and a half of Trouble and Strife

Gents: those nights spent at your local watering hole, nursing your last pint of now-warm bitter, prolonging the inevitable trek back to your nagging, haranguing woman can now be explained as unavoidable, thanks to a new economics paper published in the US which links the over-consumption of alcohol in couples to monogamy, Asylum tells us.

Thanks to Mara Squicciarini and Jo Swinnen at the University of Leuven, married couples can now blame something other than each other when it comes to deciding who is the less drunk person to drive home from a party. The paper outlines the discovery that in countries or cultures where monogamy is prevalent, couples will drink more booze compared to polygamous societies in Muslim or Mormon-populated areas.

'The economists also went back into history and found that when societies shift from being polygamous to monogamous they tend to consume more alcohol. In fact, they found that 'drunkenness,' in particular, is correlated with monogamy.

Just another reason why you should move to the deep south of the US of A and find yourself another fifteen wives on the Bible belt, hey chaps?

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