A perfect pornstar apology

Japanese adult movie star and all round humanitarian Anri Suzuki must feel she has the weight of her entire country's reputation and pride sitting on her frail little shoulders. Having been so moved by learning about Japan's invasion of China during the Second World War, Anri decided to offer her body up for sex to Chinese students, to atone for these crimes. A contender for the next Nobel Peace prize, perhaps?

Anri, 24, who has a doctorate in Sino-Japanese history (a real one, before you ask/snigger), studied the Second World War as part of her course and made the offer as a form of penance, which could only be satisfied by the lusty embraces of sex-starved Chinese students, who must feel that there really is a God.)

Speaking to the Sun Online, she comments that she wants 'to cure the wounds of China' with her body in an act that will hopefully go some way towards making amends towards the crimes and atrocities that were committed.

All that studying, in between retakes at the local skin-flick studio, seems to have rubbed off on Anri, as she sagely remarks that 'we have to respect the lessons of history and although we cannot obliterate it we can try and make recompense.' Forget the Nobel Peace prize, and bring on the U.N. peace-keeping.

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