A night on the sauce needn't spell brewers droop

If you've always subscribed to the theory that a night on the sauce and brewers droop make for cosy bedfellows, you may have been led up a blind alley. A study in the New Scientist claims to have found evidence that moderate drinking may actually prevent the little feller from under-performing when under the influence.

According to the New Scientist, of the 1770 Australian men who took part in a recent erectile dysfunction study, drinkers were found to suffer 25% to 30% less instances of sleepy-cock than teetotallers after all other contributing factors (age, weight, social background etc) had been removed. One explanation is the presence of friendly antioxidants found in alcohol which may also help explain why moderate drinkers suffer lower rates of heart disease.

While the New Scientist point out that a savage night on the poison will still impact badly on the performance of even the most hardened (scuse the puns) of John Thomases, moderate drinking over a prolonged period could be the key to a polished performance in the sack. Now whose round is it....?

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