A man needs a maid

Veteran actress Jean Marsh has revealed that the maid’s outfit she wore in the classic 70s TV show Upstairs Downstairs used to drive viewers into a frenzy – and led to a deluge of naughty fan mail.

The star, 76, set to return in an updated version of the series, said that back in the day she was a regular receiver of ‘rude’ correspondence, in which male viewers described their sexual fantasies, prompted by her pinny-wearing portrayal of parlourmaid Rose, which was set in the 1930s at up market 165 Eaton Place in London's Belgravia.

In an interview for the Christmas edition of Radio Times, she said: ‘I got more rude mail than the beautiful girls on the show. I'd open something thinking it was a fan letter to Rose and find some man's fantasy, which had nothing to do with Rose herself and everything to do with what she wore.A five-page letter, beautifully written, along the lines of, 'I'd summon you into the drawing room, ask you to put some coal on the fire, then throw your skirts over your head ...'.

‘And I'd think, 'Well, not at 165 Eaton Place, you won't'.’

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