A kiss and Cardle?

It seems X Factor’s Matt Cardle is intent to make the most of his 15 minutes of fame – by bonking and carrying on as much as he possibly can.

The latest comes courtesy of a make-up girl who claims Matt was ‘all over her’ just minutes before performing on the show.

Lauren Clements is not alone in her romp claims, stylist Grace Woodward and dancer Sarah Robinson have also been linked to the singer in recent weeks.

The Sun reports that the 27-year-old told Clements: ‘It's the first week I've been given my own dressing room - let's make the most of it.’

Cardle allegedly saw the part-time model during last weekend's dress rehearsal and invited her back to his room.

’It's not the sort of thing I would usually do but we got on really well,’ Clements continued. ‘We were all over each other on his couch for about 20 minutes and made it back down just in time for the show to start.’

However, despite the dalliance Lauren was left with no further expectations.

’It's true Matt is a ladies' man and it doesn't change the fact he is adorable,’ she said. ‘But it's not like I'm going to date him or anything. We're just two adults having fun.’

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