A happy homecoming

You'd think that being trapped under ground, in the damp darkness with a bunch of hardy fellow-miners might not do much to increase your appetite for a bit of rumpy-pumpy and yet the Chilean miners who have been trapped under ground since August 5 seem to got just a touch randy, the Sun Online reveals.

Since becoming trapped in a damaged mine-shaft, the tough-as-old-boots bunch of 33 miners have been dreaming about their homecoming, and asking their wives and girlfriends to go shopping and buy sexy lingerie and underwear.

'Cristina Nunez, whose boyfriend Claudio Yanez proposed in a letter, said: 'He's told me to buy a baby-doll negligee so I'm going to. It seems we are more in love every day.' Jessica Salgado promised to treat hubby Alex Vega with black lingerie.

Let's hope the earth tremours caused by 33 happy miners getting it on when they get home doesn't further damage the mine.

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