A good reason not to take drugs

Oh how we laughed, until tears poured out of our reddened eyes. Here at Excite, we relish the opportunity for a good old chortle and so took great pleasure in reading about an unusual incident reported by the Jezebel website, involving an arrested burglar, suspected intoxication and a poor, unfortunate rodent.

One Nolan Smith, a burglar from South Carolina in America, was arrested by police for breaking into a house in his area. The officers found Nolan lying prostrate at the residence in question and subdued him using an array of tasers and batons when he attacked them, leading to his being taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

It was here that a 'physician 'noticed a mouse hanging' from Nolan's bottom. X-rays showed that part of the mouse was 'lodged' in Nolan's rectum. When questioned [by police] Nolan said 'he did not recall what happened, nor did he remember any confrontation or prior dealings with law enforcement.'

The possible cause? Magic mushrooms. And possibly being a very unhinged member of society but we're not casting aspersions.

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