A different sort of job market

From Jezebel (supposedly), through to Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman', prostitution or the perception of loose women is a stigma that is usually controlled by guys - a label, like sociological mud, that sticks.

But what happens when women make the decision to enter into the world's oldest profession instead of choosing to become accountants, surveyors or even shop-keepers?

It means, according to new research conducted by Jennifer Hafer at the University of Arkansas that women are gaining control of, and influencing what prostitution means and believe that they can gain job stability and security, satisfaction and a good deal of hard (pardon the pun) cash.

University of Arkansas Newswire has more:

'The model revealed that high-opportunity-cost women – affluent and educated women with strong family backgrounds and access to resources – may be choosing to enter the high-quality illegal prostitution market, via a high-end escort service or through the Internet. These women would not enter the legal prostitution market, according to the model.'

'Women with low-opportunity costs – that is, women with less education and economic opportunities – choose to enter the low-quality legal market – the brothels in the Nevada counties. Again, based on most conditions of the model, women do not choose to participate in streetwalking prostitution.'

In this post-Recession era, times are hard. But maybe that's a good thing.

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