A date to be reckoned with

Dating tall women can be tricky. It's a 'yellow pages' moment when you realise that the only way to kiss your date goodnight is to mount a flight of small steps to actually reach her face or when you agree to 'go dutch' because your insistence on paying the bill at a restaurant might lead to a jolly good clothes-lining. Such is the fate that might be met by suitors of Erika Ervin, the world's tallest model.

A gigantic, amazonian girl of six foot nine and thirty-one years old, Erika is undoubtedly the world's largest lady-model, Asylum believes. And actually, when you consider that Erika or 'Eve' as she's known, makes over £250 a time wrestling boys in the ring, you wouldn't want to query the title.

'She says her height is 'more popular in Asia and Europe, as in the U.S. it's kind of frowned upon. It's a bit of a stigma of shame for the men not to always be stronger, superior, taller than a woman.' Some Youtube commentators have compared her to Lady Gaga, believing that Erika is also a post-operative transexual.

Either way, Erika must be used as a force for good in this world...if only we could find a large enough superhero costume for her to wear.

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