A date after-eight?

In our humble opinion, condoms tend to only have one function: being a very good means of preventing your house from becoming a nightmare nursery, filled with your screaming brood, desperate for food and affection. Sounds serious, doesn't it! Well, in order to encourage the missus into frolicking between the sheets whilst staying 'unpregnant', introduce her to the new, classier form of rubber from our French friends across the Channel.

From 'The Original Condom' company and apparently endorsed by the French royal family - them what didn't get their noggins chopped orf - these slick black numbers embody the french tradition of having great sex in style. Even if they do resemble after-eight mints...

The Smoking Jacket notes that 'The Original Condom comes in a velvet-lined black box with gold lettering, and a box of six will run you $20. According to the makers of The Original Condom, the box is designed to be displayed with pride on your nightstand.'

But do they actually come in mint flavour? Or would that cause too much pre-coital confusion, we wonder...

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