A constant itch to scratch

At weekends and days off, we would probably expect most hard-working employees from around the world to maybe spend a good extra hour or two in bed, either spending some quality (physical) time with someone else, or just giving your sex-drive a personal MOT.

When Monday calls round, its back to work and usually, all thoughts of a libidinous nature are put on hold. Not so for one poor woman in Brazil who, due to a chemical inbalance, anxiety attacks and being hypersexualised, finds that she needs to get herself off at least eighteen times a day. Even on a work day, we learnt from Guanabee.

'Ana [Catarian Bezerra], an accountant by day, began to have problems at work because the only way to relieve said anxiety is by masturbating. A lot. Now, after winning a court battle and seeking professional medical help, Ana is allowed to masturbate and watch porn — using her work's computer, no less — legally.'

No longer will people at work think that your frequent visits to the bathroom are a means of raiding your companies supplies of toilet roll.

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