A conscious decision

However many Long Island Iced Teas you and your date may have sunk in your desperate attempt to gain some beer goggles and maybe end the night with some nookie back at home, you'll want him/her to stay conscious the whole night through, fighting off the alcoholic haze.

Despite most people acknowledging that sex with someone who has passed out is completely unethical, a new law in Canada has been passed that condemns any form of sex that is carried out or continues when one person has lost consciousness, Global Post tells us.

The protection of (date) rape victims, who are claimed to have agreed to sex before passing out due to narcotics placed in their drinks, is obvious. But given today's couples' predilectation for sexual experimentation, legislation has a job on its hands staying current and relevant. Take for example, the situation between one man in Ottawa and his girlfriend which led to this particular law being enacted:

'The couple, identified only as J.A. and “his long-term partner” K.D., occasionally included 'erotic asphyxiation' in their foreplay. They even reportedly had a safe word — 'Tweety Bird' — in case things got out of hand. But that’s what clearly happened one evening in 2007.'

'J.A. squeezed his hands tightly around K.D.’s neck, with her consent, until she passed out. When she came to minutes later, she was being sodomized and her hands were bound behind her back. K.D. complained to police that her consent did not include anal penetration.'

However, the law has caused more than enough concern with citizens suggesting that to touch or kiss your partner lovingly whilst they are asleep could constitute a transgression and possible prosecution.

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