A close shave

Anyone who’s spent any time in a car with other men will know the feeling of dread when a fellow driver makes a mistake behind the wheel. If it's a woman driver who has delayed their progress in the shopping centre car park by two seconds, the ‘doing your make-up, are you?’ cry immediately goes up. It makes it all the more embarrassing when said woman is in fact shaving her pubic hair.

Megan Mariah Barnes rear-ended a pick-up truck while on her way to meet her boyfriend in Key West, Florida telling the coppers who arrested her that she wanted to ‘be ready’. This story is in itself amusing enough, but add to it the fact that her ex-husband was in the car controlling the steering from the passenger seat while she trimmed her bits and there’s a whole other level of chortles to be had.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, mind you; only the previous day she had been arrested for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended licence. Not the sharpest razor in the trimming kit. And she looks like Rick Parfitt.

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