A class(y) affair

A lot of learning must go on on the backseats of many a minibus or coach during hormonal, adolescent years: the yearnings of puppy love satiated with the offering of Cheese-strings to a fellow class-mate, the coming together of great minds over PSP games or simply exploring your newly formed sociological relationships through chit-chat.

Generally, that's where exploring your classmates should end.

But alas, pupils attending the Dayton View Academy in Ohio, got more sex education than they bargained for when two students started getting jiggy with it at the back of a coach that was being used for a school trip, WDTN informs us.

Another school girl, Saundra Roundtree's daughter, who observed the goings-on but didn't report it to the many chaperones sitting at the front of the coach is being punished for not telling on them. She won't be attending her 8th grade prom or class picnic to pay for her crime.

'[The school officials] say, because of confidentiality regulations, they cannot say why Roundtree's daughter can't go to the prom or class picnic.'

'What they did say is that it was not because the girl failed to report the incident in a timely manner.'

''She is being disciplined for another part of the problem, which we can't go into. So, the three kids that were disciplined, from my vantage point, they were handled appropriately by Amy Doreman and the school administration,' said Dick Penry, President to the school's governing board.'

There's more to this case than meet's the STI...

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