A cheating git always blames his itools

When a worried wife known only as 'Susan' recently had a cheeky peep at her husbands iphone she found pictures of him fondling his cock. The snaps were in his outbox and the recipient was another woman.

Suspicions aroused, Susan confronted the hapless heartbreaker who told her it had been a glitch in the phone’s workings which had attached the pics to a random email and stored them in his sent box.

Well it’s amazing how far denial will carry a hopeful wife. The jilted lover then contacted an Apple forum to ask if the glitch had ever occurred elsewhere. After being laughed offline by the forum, two posts confirmed that the glitch had, in fact, definitely occurred before and should in no way reflect on the behaviour of the user in question. When the posts were also denounced as rubbish by anyone with half a brain she filed for divorce.

If it weren’t for that pesky tech he would’ve gotten away with it too. What an idiot.

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