A blue movie of a blue movie

As far as epic films go, James Cameron's one film director that certainly has a few titles to his name, such as Titanic, and The Abyss. Now, his recent 3D blockbuster 'Avatar', that smashed box-office ratings when it was released in 2009, will soon have a rival for it's record breaking ticket sales: 'This Ain't Avatar XXX', otherwise known as Avatar, the porn version.

With a massive budget behind it, and promising mountains of blue-coloured flesh in 3D cinema style, the Hustler-produced film will see actors and actresses of the skin industry such as Nicki Hunter and Misty Stone become Na'Vi under similar lavish, luscious rain-forest backgrounds as the original film, the Metro Online informs us.

'Whereas the characters in the movie always have their modesty covered up, the Na’Vi in the Hustler video, which is being released in 3D later this month, will most certainly not. The parody, which is being billed as ‘the evolution of porn’, leaves nothing to the imagination.'

What next? Liz Taylor's 'Cleopatra' becomes 'Cleopatra and her ass/asp'? Spartacus 'and the thousand naked extras'? 'Citizen Kaned'? We could go on.

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