69 Masturbation Meadow, Wales, UK

A Welsh woman has launched a petition to change the name of her street because of its embarrassing name. The street is called Cae Onan , which resident Julia Newsham, 51, wants changed because it translates as masturbation meadow… cue titters.

Cae is Welsh for meadow, and Onan refers to the biblical character killed by God for spilling his non-horticultural seed. It is from this story we get the word onanism, an old term for masturbation. Mrs Newsham says: ‘Anyone who knows Welsh and the Bible will put two and two together. There is a funny side but it is also embarrassing.’

But despite her efforts the council has no plans to rename the street. Paul Shevlin, from Oswestry Borough Council, said there were no plans to change the name as it was ‘not something that would be generally picked up on’. Until now that is.

Where do we sign, Mrs N?

(Image: from LollyKnit’s flickr stream)

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