5 a day keeps Scary Spice fit

Even in this fast-paced day and age where decisions are made in a heart-beat on a 'crack'berry and the world's finances can plummet overnight, at least one celebrity is making time to make some hay and admits to keeping in shape by having sex a chronologically-challenging five times a day, the Huffington Post reveals.

Whilst most of us would be lucky with a quick tug or fumble before seven thirty, the former Spice Girl and mother of Pheonix Chi claims that her and her husband, Stephen Belafonte, are 'just perverts with each other' and that on a relatively busy day, the couple only manage to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing three times. Poor them.

Mel B, who along with the other former Spice Girls made something of a revival of her career over the past few years, has always got attention from the press because of her body, whether she was getting pregnant with Eddie Murphy's love-child, becoming the face of a lingerie brand or releasing a string of fitness videos. We're just wondering when she'll head up Britain's next major fitness craze, 'Sexercise'.

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