39KKK or bust

For most lads, boobs can never be too big: happy hours can be spent in a bar guessing a woman's bust size or whether she might wearing chicken fillets (i.e., a padded bra.) With one particular Brazilian busty blonde, most men would be made speech-less by her enormous 38KKK sized bust. The boobs themselves, however, have gone from being a major attraction to a life-threatening complication.

Sheyla Hershey, 30, who is fluent in Chinese, Italian, English, Portguese and Spanish, wanted just one more alteration to make her boobs bigger, having had a staggering 30 operations, costing around £40k, the Sun Online reveals.

Problems started when she developed a serious staph infection that spread to both breasts, leaving medical experts uncertain as to whether they should remove fake and real breast material altogether. Sheyla complained that she 'just couldn't breathe properly' after the operation: 'it was terrible. I was in bed all day, couldn't get up.' One silver (non-padded) lining is that she is recognised in the Guinness Book of Records as having the biggest bust in the world ever.

That must have been one happy record-assessor checking out that particular record attempt.

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