27 hours of love

Forget sitting in a bath of baked beans or going on a sponsored walk – a Chilean woman, has found a more novel way of helping her favourite charity – having sex.

Maria Carolina, who works as a prostitute, wants to raise money for a disabled children’s charity. The charity is launching a 27-hour telethon to raise cash and the lady is going to lend (among other things) a helping hand.

The caring call girl was propelled into the spotlight after she sold her “27 hours of love”. Maria says that one of her clients has offered her $4000 for her services, the gentleman saying it was a “good deed”.  (So that’s why he’s doing it.)

Adult prostitution is legal in Chile, so the pledge has been accepted by the organiser of the telethon, Mario Kreutzberger, although he also says he doesn’t want to encourage immoral activity. Well, let’s face it, she’d only be doing it anyway and we think it’s a lovely gesture for a good cause (or is that two good causes?). It really is sharing the love…

(Image: from subflux’s flickr stream)

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