130,000 missing inflatable breasts recovered in Melbourne

Last week we brought you the story of 130,000 pneumatic mammaries which went missing en route from China to Australia. The inflatable breasts were set to be part of a Christmas giveaway organized by Aussie Lads Mag Ralph.

The speculation had been that the air filled chesticles had fallen overboard in transit never to be seen again. But thankfully for the greater good of humanity the inflatable breasts have been recovered after it was discovered that there had been a mix up in paperwork at Melbourne docks.

Santi Pintado, the editor of Ralph was delighted with the news: "If we'd found them a day later, it'd have been too late to get them on the next issue." With reports that the magazine had been struggling to shift units they will have been glad of the free publicity and the perhaps all too convenient happy ending.

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